Engaged, employed, and not disabled, is the goal of Job Match, a vocational rehabilitation, life skills and employment coaching program for young adults with documentable disabilities. ISA believes that if a young adult is able to maintain full time employment, then they are able to maintain a higher level of independence and quality of life. Job Match is the only direct service that ISA provides because we believe that through meaningful employment a person with disabilities can live an engaging life, keep out of being considered disabled and continue to be a contributing member to society. In addition, ISA feels that these young people need to be “sponsored,” whereby as an organization ISA seeks out, trains, educates, and coaches potential employers about the needs, social and societal benefits.

When a young adult enrolls in ISA’s Job Match program they complete the Job Match in a time frame that developed specifically for them through the following steps:

Step 1.) Discovery Process: An interest/skills inventory and goal plan is developed.

Step 2.) Volunteer Placement: Participants are placed with a partnering organization like a food pantry, an animal shelter or a nursing home until they are able to demonstrate that they are reliable, presentable, and have a good work ethic.

Step 3.) Internship Placement: Participants are then placed in a stipend internship with a company or organization in one of their interest areas. They also continue their volunteer work for a minimum of 6 hours per week at both the volunteer placement and the internship.

Step 4.) Application/Hiring Process: Once they are able to demonstrate full-time employability skills the program coordinator assists in the application and hiring process.

Step 5.) Employed & On-going Coaching: Once a participant is hired they will continue to receive coaching for an additional 180 days.

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ISA Internships



Assists with the ISA bookkeeping and performs general accounting.


Community Outreach

Attend community events, such as Chamber of Commerce meetings.


Graphic Design

Create flyers and signage for ISA activities and events.




Take, edit, and post photographs of events in the community.



Provide exemplary leadership and friendship to new members.



Film community events, edit footage, create short films for outreach.


Community Outreach

Attend charity runs throughout South Florida, spread ISA mission.


Graphic Design

Create original graphic design for ISA community events.

Volunteering in the Community


Boca Helping Hands


The Horse Farm




Rising Tide Carwash