ISA Plants a Backyard Garden

During this week’s ISA meeting, staff and students worked together to plant a backyard garden behind our office building. Over the previous two weeks we built the planter boxes and filled them with soil (after digging up all of the grass and rocks). 

Even though the cost was getting dirty, everyone participated in the event.  Working as a team we separated the baby plants from their pots, dug holes to put them in, and then covered them with water and soil. 

We discussed how to plant, what types of plants they were, and what their life cycles are like. Our garden includes lettuce, broccoli, peppers, herbs, and tomatoes. 

Some of our students had never worked in a garden before, so this was a great learning experience for them. 

Properly grouping and spacing the plants was an important job. It took a few tries to get it all sorted out, but we managed to find a perfect home for every plant. 

The final results; three happy planter boxes filled with baby plants. ISA students are volunteering to take shifts watering. 

We look forward to posting more pictures  as our crop grows up. Be on the lookout for our delicious green friends as they make their appearances in cooking group.