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Autistic & Independent


Improving the Lives of All Affected by Autism Through Research & Opportunity

Target Population

Research, Grants & Scholarships Organizations, institutions, or individuals researching the efficacy of various treatment modalities and behavioral interventions for Autism.

Job Match Eighteen years and older young adults with a documentable disability who have made some attempt at a high school diploma.

Program Description

The International Society for Autism (ISA), Deerfield Beach, FL, is an organization that aims to improve the lives of those affected by autism. Founded in 2010 by Dr. Andrew S. Rubin and many other parents of children with autism, ISA is a free source of trusted and reliable information about autism, actively supports research, through grants and scholarships, and provides direct vocational rehabilitation (job coaching and placement) services to inform and create a society in which people diagnosed with autism and their friends and family can live an engaged and meaningful life.

Research, Grants & Scholarships

The International Society for Autism conducts and funds research. While cognitive behavioral therapy (psychotherapy) continues to be a proven method for treating depression or anxiety in those affected by autism, developmental anomalies recently identified through previous ISA research has sparked further scientific exploration of multi-disciplinary treatment models. This has guided the ISA to invest in researching the most appropriate treatment modalities and behavioral interventions for autistic individuals. One such study, focuses on Jean Piaget’s developmental stage theory and explores how a human acquires, constructs and uses knowledge.  The ISA hopes to help further innovative intervention’s to assist those affected by autism.  As such, the ISA supports research proposals and conducts research so as to help develop and analyze the efficacy of various treatment modalities and behavioral interventions for autism. Currently the ISA is proud to announce that it is collaborating with the Illinois Institute of Technology Department of Psychology, on their research efforts.